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Wedding Reportage

My first love when it comes to photography is storytelling and weddings are a great story to tell. By capturing candid moments throughout your big day I create a record of it, one that you can come back to time and time again. Since I began shooting weddings nearly 10 years ago, I’ve been moving toward a more informal style that I now call Wedding Reportage. I take a low impact approach, photographing as much of the day as possible with a focus on the interactions between you, your friends, and your family.

I try to capture things that one or both of you might miss; the bride getting ready, the groom waiting for the bride, the finishing touches being made to the cake. So that you have an honest and yet glamorous tale of your big day, complete with the hugs and smiles.

There are no hidden upgrades, no costs for extra copies or prints you can only source through me. I don’t offer packages, because every wedding is different. I prefer to charge on a sliding hourly rate, which enables me to tailor an offering to you and your wedding day.

This means that I can offer you Reportage starting from a few hours up to a full day and maybe beyond. It can be me or me plus another skilled hand as I often work with a second photographer, someone with whom I share both an eye and an idea.

I can customise my offering to suit your needs. I don’t tend to offer photography books, (though I can produce them) and I deliver your images via an online service in full resolution for you to share and print as you see fit.

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