Personal Practice

My personal practice is as mixed as my love of photography. I enjoy landscape, wildlife, motorsport, and street photography but my first love is reportage.

One of the reasons I find photography so enthralling is that it has everything. I enjoy the technical detail and the artistic expression, it drives me to go to places and to do things that I would never do otherwise and helps me to connect to the world around me. After moving away from film during the burgeoning digital revolution, I’ve since returned to it for much of my personal work. Experimenting with film and my love of the analog process has inspired me to improve my overall practice.

I work closely with F8Creates, an independent creative agency, and with London Camera Exchange, both in Worcester. I’m a photographer for, a company offering analog process photography to artisanal producers, and I’m involved with a number of local photography groups.

Photography has taken me to Le Mans and to the bear filled woods of eastern Finland. I’ve gone behind the scenes in restaurants, bakeries and factories alike, as well as wedding parties and corporate events. It has been my drive, my focus, and my passport.

Recent Posts

Summer Mjuse – Messing with a Compact Zoom

After a photowalk in March I was left with a roll of TX400, then the opportunity came up to put it through an Olympus Mju.

Zero on the half-frame

A bunch of years ago I bought a half-frame camera on eBay, an Olympus Pen EE. It was broken. I recently decided to revisit shooting a half-frame EE, it went no better than last time.

Instaxy Beast

My personal practice is tangential at the best of times, one of my itchy tangents over the last year has been instant photography.