So the tail end of 2016 got away from me a bit from a blogging perspective, my excuse is that I was really busy.

I got to shoot for Microsoft at Future Decoded, did a tour of the UK with a mobile headshot studio, shot some wedding stuff, some events, and some portraits. I’ve also been to carnival and I got to go to the circus. I also had a lovely Christmas with family and friends.

Each year when the clocks go back I find myself wishing for more light, and each year when the sun returns I find myself otherwise engaged. I spend much of the winter either looking to the future or looking back at the past.

Recently I’ve been selecting photos for competitions, collecting them into a 2017 calendar, and I’ve begun work on a third monograph. All this navel-gazing has left me in a reflective mood.

I began last year with clear objectives, I wanted to develop my skills with regard wildlife photography in time for my trip to Finland, I also wanted to develop my skills with the large format camera in time for a trip to Italy in the summer –

I spent the Spring safe in the arms of a series of defined goals. I was secure until I had completed both trips, returning from Finland with photos that I had dreamed of taking for years, and returning from Italy with images that left me unsatisfied.

(One thing I have done as a result of all this reflection is re-evaluate the work from the Italian trip, much of which is worthy of more credit than I initially gave it. I intend to publish it here somewhat retrospectively in the next week or so).

This year my goals are less about focusing on a technique or a camera, and more about volume. I want to produce more work, to print more work, to focus less on the mode of creation, and focus more on the act of creation.

I’m aware that recently I’ve been guilty of carrying a film camera when a digital one would have made more sense, of employing the large format camera when its bulk and capabilities are irrelevant to the resultant image, in short I’ve been guilty of being a fetishist.

I have around 70 days until the clocks change, time enough perhaps to get my head straight