I’ve wanted to be able to sell prints of my work via my website for some time but I’ve always held back; worries about availability – do I create a stock and risk an extra overhead? do I run an in-house print on demand service and add another layer of complexity to my to do list?

There didn’t seem to be an easy option.

Recently more companies have been offering print on demand fulfilment, a system that solves most of my problems. Someone wants a print, buys a print from the printers, the printers print the print, ship the print, I get a little cash, job done.

This works because I don’t know how many people out there in the world would like a print of mine for their wall, or their desk or wherever. The only way to find out is to make them available, in as friction free a manner as possible.

This system can tick along quite happily in the background, regardless of how busy or on holiday I am, costs nothing in terms of stock holding, and if I sell nothing, I will at least have answered a question.

I’m using Printspace, a firm in London who boast good reviews, quick turnaround and a nice product. The system currently involves kicking prospective purchasers over to a second site where the transaction takes place. It may move to an in house gallery if, once the box is open, it turns out that the cat is alive.

I’ve selected some of my favourite images, ones that I either think have potential as works of art, or that I have sold in the past and therefore know that at least one person thought they were worth owning.

The system also boasts the flexibility to add prints, change paper and size relatively easily. I can also add to the collection and make specific images available to people who express an interest.

The box is open, time to look for a pulse –

Addendum – 7.5.18

Quite soon after putting the finishing touches to my ‘microsite’ I was informed by The Printspace that they would not be supporting that system any longer. They were moving to a system powered by Shopify, which is better in many respects, but also one that costs money.

After some hemming an hawing I’ve decided to go for it and opened a new webshop powered by Shopify – it’s at jamesgreenoff.photography if you’d like to take a look –

Addendum – 3.9.18

As of September 3rd 2018 I have returned to my previous print sales model. If you would like a print of one of my pictures please drop me a line. Links on this page will now take you to my print sales page as will www.jamesgreenoff.photography.

The Shopify model just didn’t work for me.