On Tuesday night I was in London to see Congo Square, a writing collaboration between Wynton Marsalis and Yacub Ady. It was performed by Odadaa! and the Jazz at Lincoln Centre Orchestra (JALCO).

I went for Wynton Marsalis and I wanted a picture of him playing the trumpet, essentially I wanted the picture shown above. I took a longer lens than normal, just in case I could get the shot, and was very pleased with the result. Until I got home.

I started to feel conflicted because although the picture is good, and is as I had hoped, it is not a representation of the evening. At the concert he was primarily conducting, and played his trumpet only a few times all in the second half. This photo is therefore not representative of the concert, but is representative of the way I think of Wynton Marsalis.

Given that I have written about the ‘honest lie’ of my photography, and how I strive for a perfection of sorts, I have spent some time considering its place in my work. He played the trumpet, I took the picture, this much is honest. That he spent more time conducting on the night is the lie.