The Brief

Event photography is one of my favourite kinds of work. There’s something I love about the rush of capturing photos on the fly, of telling a story as it unfolds in front of me. Last week I joined the team at Harrison Clark Rickerbys for their Inaugural Hereford Defence & Security Expo (HDSE). I was there on behalf of F8 Creates to capture and document the essence of the day, from the Networking Breakfast to the keynote, from the Panel discussions to the general atmosphere.

The Event

Arriving in the dark I found the team already on site and setting up. I began my day getting shots of exhibitors arriving and coming thought security. I got shots of coffee runs and people putting up their banners before shooting the breakfast and the official welcome. Once the Expo was underway I began finding moments and prepping for the keynote speakers and the panel discussions. Between sessions I returned to getting general shots of the Expo, busy and humming with activity, getting some PR shots of the main guests and even grabbing a shot or two of a small band of protestors outside.

It was a long but successful day for all concerned. The payoff was a well organised and attended inaugural event with good levels of footfall, interest and a general feeling of upbeat usefulness. My photos were well received and I look forward to covering the second event next year.

Some Images from the day –