Nearly four years ago I bought my much loved and tiny bit awesome Canon 5D Mk III which has become the cornerstone of my load-out. I’ve come to take its rock solid performance for granted. With it I’ve gone behind the scenes in an Italian bakery and a college restaurant. I’ve photographed the action at Le Mans, and a bunch of lovely weddings. I’ve aimed it at members of Parliament and wild bears on the Russo-Finnish border.

End of an Era

In all we’ve taken 68000 photos, and as it approaches middle age it feels like it might be time that it took a breather. My Canon 6D which was my back up has gone to live on a farm two towns over, having eloped with my 45mm tilt-shift. This all means that while the Mk III puts its mirror up in the number two spot, I have a shiny 5d Mk IV nestling in a vacated stable.

I made the purchase while having a whale of a time working at The Photography Show. After waiting impatiently for it to arrive, I couldn’t take a picture for three days. I monkeyed with a bunch of settings and custom controls, but really wanted the first photo I took with it to be a good one.

Some sums

Of all of the the photos taken with my Mk III 13000 remain in my Lightroom library, a ‘keep rate’ of 19%. Had I taken each of those 68,000 on Portra 400, my favourite film it would have required 1888 rolls of film. Purchased in the form of 5 roll packs I would have required 378 at a cost of £40 each. Sending all of that to my lab for development and scanning would have cost £11 per roll.

I know I don’t use my film cameras in that same way I shoot digital. I know that I wouldn’t take the same risks with film that I take with digital images. If I were a purely analog operation I would have my own Minilab. I would have a big fridge for storing bulk bought film. I would charge higher prices, and shoot in a different style. Even so, that comes to over £35,000.

In other more general news;

  • My medium-format Cinestill film has finally landed
  • I have jumped into the Lee Filters puddle with both feet
  • I’m building a new website
  • I am slowly progressing with a vanity book project
  • I’ve looked at an MA
  • I have a baby due any minute now

I’ll leave you with some highlights from the Mk III –